Saturday, April 14, 2007

Supposing him ...

I wrote this poem more than ten years ago, in a year when I lost too many friends. It was inspired, however, by an Eastertide sermon given by one of them, my friend Colin Wheately.


Supposing him to be
The gardener, the Magdalene
Turned for comfort.
As friends are culled,
Choicest blooms from
The garden of my life,
I too must turn to
This gardener of souls.
Fragile as the blossoms
In the beauty that He gave
They now repay the years
Of careful nurture, but no longer
Where I may see them.
Supposing Him to be the gardener,
I cannot grudge Him
His own, but
My garden is barer for their
Passing. I must wait for
The Gardener to come again.



Alison said...

I like this. And am reminded (pardon the ego intrusion) of the poem of mine written in 1980 which so surprised me - the one that ends with a reference to the gardener'. Must find it.
On a practical note, was it easy to use this site for psoting verse?
I salute your courage and creativity!


Alison said...

There's an inverted comma missing before 'the gardener'! Just thought I'd say before you did!