Monday, February 22, 2010

Iona Stones

This prayer/poem came as the result of a short stay on Iona, when I did indeed hurl a symbolic stone into the sea at the start of Lent.

Two pebbles in my cold hand
close-nestled in symbolic weight,
one mottled red, resentment red,
the other green and cool as is
the light of God.
The red is gone now to the cleansing sea;
the green held close in hope of what might be.
God grant that rush of light again
and drown my soul in your green tide -
the tide of God.

©C.M.M. Iona, 02/10


Fr Kenny said...

Thank you Christine!

Anonymous said...

From your Iona your other work on frankestina.....
I am totally inspired by your writing and have loved reading your poems. Iona stones make an impact on everyone who experiences the island and its life there and your poem reminded me of mixed emotions I lived through during a retreat to Boshop's house. Many thanks Christine, though I feel I have intruded into your life through your poems. Ruth

Chris said...

It's lovely to have a response to the poem - let alone two! Ruth, I suppose every poet invites people into their life when they write - the effect of making a poem public.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................